Release Notes

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RETS Connector 1.0 rev 1654 2008-11-06

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 Change Type  Summary
  Enhancement   28002 - Log file appending. Support options for appending to log files, wrapping, truncation, etc.
  Enhancement   28608 - A running task can be cancelled from the 'Task/Running tasks' menu
  Enhancement   30199 Advanced Image file names. Option to allow images to be named with ML number (or other field names)
  Enhancement   34262 - Option to support image 'Location=1' to allow image URL to be appended in data files. This requires a ML to host their own image servers.
  Enhancement   34544 - Add ability to use alternate DATE field (besides LastModDate) for incremental tasks
  Enhancement   34565 - Support incremental image only pulls
  Enhancement   34676 - Ability to schedule 'metadata only' task in RETS Connector that would allow metadata to be pulled to a file on a schedule.
    Allow scheduler to run updates on 5 minute intervals
  Optimization   28010 - A task can now be opened for partial modifications before metadata is loaded.
  Optimization   28446 - Task name is visible for all the steps of a new task wizard
  Optimization   34542 - General improvements to incremental download. The incrementing criteria are now based on the last downloaded modification, rather then the last successful run time. This eliminates the need for the TimezoneOffset.
  Optimization   Minor UI improvements in output format selections