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RETS Connector 1.2 Patch 11 (rev 7220 03-28-2018)

This version of RETS Connector includes a roll-up of all changes made in the previous beta, plus new enhancements and bug fixes. We hope you find the new RETS Connector features useful.

We value your feedback. Please email RetsConnectorSupport@CoreLogic.com if you encounter any difficulties with this version.

Release Highlights

  • Several bug fixes

Migration from Previous Versions of RETS Connector

RETS Connector 1.2 supports features in the previous versions with the following exceptions:

  •  Multiple Servers
    In previous versions of RETS Connector users could configure an unlimited number of RETS Servers. In RETS Connector 1.2 users can configure a maximum of two servers. This can be used to support Production and Testing RETS servers from the same Listing Service or two RETS servers from different Listing Services. When migrating to the new version, the install process will continue to allow tasks to run against any servers that were defined before the migration. If more than two servers are defined for an installation, however, users will not be able to edit any server information until the user either removes servers or upgrades RETS Connector with the new Unlimited Server Feature.
  •  User-Agent Configuration
    Users can customize User-Agents, but the User-Agent name must include the ‘RETS-Connector1.2’ prefix. This allows the user to configure a custom User-Agent while still identifying the Client as RETS Connector. This custom User-Agent will typically need to be defined on the ML server side as well. If users require a custom User-Agent that does not include ‘RETS Connector’ in the User-Agent name then they can upgrade RETS Connector with the new Custom User-Agent feature.

Release Details

RETS Connector 1.2 Patch 11 (rev 7220 03-28-2018)
ChangeType Summary
Enhancement Enhanced the possibility to select and copy text in the log window
Defect Fixed an issue where the Conenctor crashed on some systems while trying to cache metadata
Defect Fixed an exception when trying to add criteria for a lookup field with no lookup values

RETS Connector 1.2 Patch 10 (rev 7210 01-17-2018)
ChangeType Summary
Enhancement Security update.

RETS Connector 1.2 Patch 9 (rev 7190 06-13-2017)
ChangeType Summary
Defect Fix an issue where adding media location to a data file may fail if only one media was requested.
Defect Fix an issue with offset handling on some RETS servers.
Enhancement Add the account running the Scheduler to the Help/About/Details table.
Upgrade Upgraded to .NET 4.0.

RETS Connector 1.2 Patch 8 (rev 7160 01-07-2016)
ChangeType Summary
Defect Fix an issue where a RETS data request task that pulls a large number of records could potentially timeout and not properly resume.

RETS Connector 1.2 Patch 7 (rev 7150 07-22-2015)
ChangeType Summary
Enhancement Improve management of RETS Connector Licenses to reduce loss of license key when application is run on virtual machines

RETS Connector 1.2 Patch 6 (rev 7129 10-22-2014)
ChangeType Summary
Enhancement RETS Connector v1.2 is now RESO Certified - http://www.reso.org/certificates
Enhancement RETS Connector - Added Debug trace file option under Help.
Defect RETS Connector was not keeping the Server name in the Import Task dialog
Defect Corrected instructions the RETS Help files regarding Email Configuration
Defect When deleting RETS server definitions in RETS Connector, you can only delete one at a time, then you have to close the server list and reopen it to delete the next one.

RETS Connector 1.2 Patch 5 (rev 7086 02-26-2014)
 ChangeType  Summary
 Enhancement   B-103541: RETS Connector registration moved from the RETS Connector download website to the RETS Connector application itself. This change ensures the users registration information (name and email) is directly associated with the users Machine ID.
 Bug   B-75674: RETS Connector may still download images even after the user has selected “No Media” option in “Media” tab. The “All Media” option must have first been selected.
 Bug   D-25509: RETS Connector upgrade request fails if the originating Machine ID has not registered yet and presents error: “Server failed processing your request. Error in p_RegisterRequest, line 64…”
 Bug   D-29193: Need to correct handling of Boolean DataType to support RETS 1.8 Specification 2.4 - Atoms and Primitives Entries Currently, if RETS Connector is presented a Boolean field criteria, it does not properly set the value to a '0' or '1'.
 Bug   D-31281: Correct problem with Multipart Boundary. When using the RETS Connector with InnoVia, the Media/Photos Locations do not show up in the file.

RETS Connector 1.2 Patch 4 (rev 6954 08-01-2013)
 ChangeType  Summary
 Enhancement   B-96347: Ability for RETS Connector to support the RESO Data Dictionary names and fields.
 Bug   B-97793: Users who do not have Administrator privileges on their PC will receive an “Access to path ‘C:\ProgramData\...’ is denied” error message when they select Tools > Clear Meta Data Cache option.
 Bug   D-23557: (REIN Only) RETS Connector Task Generating PFMgr ExecuteQuery Failure on RETS Servers

RETS Connector 1.2 Patch 3 (Rev 1.2.6894 04-30-2013)
 Change Type  Summary
  Enhancement   B-69789: Offset support was added back to RETS Connector. Offset is used to overcome the server's limit on number of records returned in one request. The Offset capability was previously disable when support for InKeyIndex was added.
  Enhancement   B-90600: In some cases, Windows 7 puts an extra copy of AppUser.cod into a non-shared folder, which makes the RETS Connector miss upgrade features. The communication checker was enhanced to check for the misplaced AppUser.cod file in the VirtualStore folder.

RETS Connector 1.2 Patch 2 (Rev 1.2.6845 03-11-2013)
 Change Type  Summary
  Bug   D-18737: Corrected Issue with bad response on Location=1 and retrieving image URLs
  Enhancement   B-85827: Connection checker for users to verify connection with RETS Connector server
  Enhancement   B-87021: Ability for users to receive automatic notifications when a newer software version is available through RETS Connector

RETS Connector 1.2 Patch 1 (Rev 1.2.6806 01-31-2013)
 Change Type  Summary
  Bug   D-18552: Corrected Issue with the last run date & time appearing in the User Name Column in Task Manager
  Bug   D-18869: Fixed password in User Agent persistency
  Change   B-86571: Removed references of MLS within RETS Connector and Retsconnector.com

RETS Connector 1.2 (Rev 1.2.6728 09-06-2012)
 Change Type  Summary
  Enhancement   B-75924: The email configuration should allow for secure mail servers and non-standard ports.
  Enhancement   B-73679: Upgrade request functionality and corresponding landing page.
  Enhancement   B-71822: Show the status of a task in the desktop task list view.
  Enhancement   B-71820: Resuming tasks from scheduler, monitor and desktop.
  Enhancement   B-65781: Change the default User-Agent to RETS-Connector/1.2.
  Enhancement   B-65781: Change UA modification rules to require new User-Agent.
  Enhancement   B-71823: Modify RetsConnectorRunner to use the Scheduler when available.
  Enhancement   B-69915: Implement all Tasks running through Scheduler Service.
  Enhancement   Add event log in case the application fails to start.
  Enhancement   B-71521: Disable buttons when task is run via Scheduler.
  Enhancement   B-71036: Report a unauthorized run of a task error more clearly.
  Bug   D-16690: RETS Connector will not install on Windows 7.
  Bug   D-16600: Task loads all indexes, even if it searches for just 10 records - Fix for Testing task. 
  Bug   D-16598: Task creates a log file even if it is not configured to do so.
  Bug   D-16576: Tabbing on user agent and password on import task window closes application.
  Bug   Installer fixes for 64-bit Windows.
  Bug   D-16479: Cause Scheduler to load tasks when a new task is created from the desktop.
  Bug   D-16369: Correct RETS Connector application exception on close in Win 7 (implement safer Mutex usage).
  Bug   D-16507: Comparision name displays in the date column in MD browser.
  Bug   D-16283: Disable Debug feature in Monitor window and Scheduler service.
  Bug   D-16436: Add StartPhase for LoadMedia to bypass loading media if resume is past that point.
  Bug   D-16282: Permission problems cause the AppUser.cod file to be stored in multiple locations.
  Bug   D-16282: RETS Connector not able to set up primary server.
  Bug   D-16166: Corrected Scheduler to reschedule a task even if resumable if next run time plus slate has passed.
  Bug   D-10786: Correct compatibility issues with the RETS Connector Monitor in Windows 7.
  Bug   B-53267: RETS Connector asks to save without any apparent changes.
  Bug   B-53266: RETS Connector incorrectly handles fields for download.
  Bug   D-13861: RETS Connector fails on incorrect metadata.

The following changes were included in the previous Beta release and are part of the RETS Connector 1.2 release.

 Classification  Summary
  Enhancement   Ability to set up a User Agent and UA Password.
  Enhancement   Ability to resume a task after failure.
  Enhancement   Offset time for incremental download.
  Enhancement   Ability to log performance counters.
  Enhancement   Show search DMQL in the task log.
  Enhancement   Allow multiple email addresses for task run notification.
  Enhancement   Improve cookie handling to increase the range of acceptable servers.
  Enhancement   Add "Is Any Of" search operation for string fields.
  Enhancement   Disable entering of empty values in search criteria.
  Enhancement   Disable deleting a task while the task is running.
  Enhancement   Add a criterion for Boolean fields.
  Enhancement   Disable irrelevant controls in Download Schedule tab.
  Enhancement   Remove the "More Options" button from the server dialog.
  Enhancement   Update installation bootstrapper.
  Enhancement   Remove Details from the About dialog.
  Enhancement   Disable Script menu option.
  Bug   Clarify message text for changed criteria.
  Bug   Fix spelling in Metadata comparison.
  Bug   Fix a bug in Log Options tab.
  Bug   Fix an error in auto-timeout.
  Bug   Fix status handling in the Runner.
  Bug   Fix input format error handling in criteria tab.
  Bug   Fix temporary files handling.
  Bug   Eliminate log file creation if the file is not required.

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