RETS Connector Upgrade Options

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RETS Connector is provided to our customers to support data access and connectivity to their RETS Servers. The standard version for RETS Connector that is available on RETSConenctor.com provides the features that most users require.

Some advanced users may wish to leverage some additional features that are described below. These features require the purchase of an Upgrade.

Upgrade Options

Non-restricted User Agent Upgrade

RETS Connector uses a preset User-Agent, "RETS-Connector/1.2". End users are allowed to modify the User-Agent, but if they do, the User-Agent must start with "RETS-Connector1.2". If the User-Agent entered does not start with that text, RETS Connector will automatically prefix the User-Agent with "RETS-Connector1.2_". This is in accordance with the definition of the User-Agent header in RFC 2616. Note that this arrangement allows for each installation of the RETS Connector to have a unique User-Agent and password, while still identifying itself as a RETS Connector application.

Some users may want to use a custom User-Agent name, either to support the one provided by the specific RETS server they are connecting or to support multiple servers. The Non-restricted User Agent Upgrade allows for an end user to specify any User-Agent value.

Multiple Servers Upgrade

You must register a RETS server in RETS Connector in order to be allowed to create tasks and request data from that server. The standard version of RETS Connector allows only two servers to be registered. This allows a user to configure a Production and Testing RETS server configuration, and also allows access to two RETS servers from adjoining Listing Services. If you need to connect to more than two servers, you'll need to upgrade to the Multiple Server Upgrade. This will allow you to connect to an unlimited number of servers.

Note: For users with more than two servers registered in previous versions of RETS Connector, the new version of RETS Connector will not remove or disable any existing servers. But, if three or more servers were previously configured and are active, they may not be edited without the Multiple Server Upgrade.


Upgrades are licensed per computer. Each computer running RETS Connector requires a separate License.

Non-restricted User Agent upgrade       $150 per machine/per year
Multiple Servers upgrade $150 per machine/per year
Bundle price for both upgrades $250 per machine/per year

As a courtesy to existing users, we offer a 7-day free trial to evaluate the new upgrades. You will have a 7-day grace period to send in your payment after requesting your upgrade. Please allow two business days for processing your Order Form. If payment is not received, the free trial will end, you will revert back to the 1.2 Standard version and the upgraded features will no longer be available.

Please proceed with the upgrade process outlined below to generate and receive your order form.

Upgrade Process

The following are the steps needed to Upgrade your copy of RETS Connector 1.2:

  1. Register and Download RETS Connector 1.2
  2. Click the Tools-> Request Upgrade menu Item
  3. Fill out the Online Upgrade Request Form
  4. Receive and fill out Order Form PDF
  5. Fax Order Form to CoreLogic
  6. Receive Upgrade Confirmation email from CoreLogic
  7. Open RETS Connector and Click the Help -> Check Upgrade menu item



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