Results Folders

When you create a new task, RETS Connector assigns a default results folder to the task. The search results, downloaded media, metadata, and log files for a task are directed to the task’s results folder. If you do not want to use the default folder, you can specify a different results folder for each of your tasks. You can also create subfolders within a results folder; if you change the location of a task’s results folder later, RETS Connector updates the subfolder paths to reflect the new location. If you specify a path for a search results file, media, or metadata file that lies outside the results folder, RETS Connector modifies that path to be contained within the assigned results folder.

u To change the default results folder:

1.       From the Tools menu, select Settings and then Results folder. The Browse for Folder dialog box opens.

2.       Select the folder to use from the dialog box.

3.       Click OK.

u To change a task’s results folder:

1.       Click a task in the main window to select it.

2.       Click the Modify Task button.

3.       Click the General tab.

4.       Click the browse icon next to the Results folder box to open the Browse for Folder dialog box.

5.       Select the folder to use.

6.       Click OK.