The RETS Connector Monitor

RETS Connector Monitor is an application that enables you to monitor the RETS Connector Scheduler service, and is automatically installed with RETS Connector. How you open RETS Connector Monitor depends upon your operating system. In Windows 7, click the Start button on your computer desktop and select All Programs >> RETS Connector >> Monitor.


RETS Connector Monitor Application


Description: C:\Users\rcasebere\Desktop\RETS Connector Printed Documentation\!doc_tmp_folder_0\Information.jpgWhen you minimize the RETS Connector Monitor, its icon image may be removed from your computer desktop’s task bar, but remains in the system tray. Double-click the icon to restore the application window. When a task is running in the scheduler, the icon will move.


From the RETS Connector Monitor, you can

§  Run a scheduled task

§  Terminate a running scheduled task

§  Start, stop, and pause the RETS Connector Scheduler service (if you have administrative privileges on your computer)

The RETS Connector Monitor has two modes:

§  Task mode - Displays scheduled RET Connector tasks

§  Log mode - Displays scheduling service log data

u    To toggle between modes:

1.       Click the Mode button.

u    To run a scheduled task:

1.       In task mode, click a task name to select it.

2.       Click the Run Task button.

u    To terminate a running scheduled task:

1.       In task mode, click a task name to select it.

2.       Click the Abort Task button.

Managing the Scheduler from the RETS Connector Monitor

u    Before you begin:

You must have administrator privileges on your computer.

u    To start, stop, and pause the scheduler service:

Click the Start ( Description: C:\Users\rcasebere\Desktop\RETS Connector Printed Documentation\!doc_tmp_folder_0\Monitor_StartButton.jpg), Stop (Description: C:\Users\rcasebere\Desktop\RETS Connector Printed Documentation\!doc_tmp_folder_0\Monitor_StopButton.jpg), or Pause (Description: C:\Users\rcasebere\Desktop\RETS Connector Printed Documentation\!doc_tmp_folder_0\Monitor_PauseButton.jpg) button.