Requesting Upgrades

To request an upgrade, following these steps:

1.       From the Tools menu, select Request Upgrade. This opens a web page on the web site in your default browser.

2.       Fill in the Company Name, Contact Name, Contact Email, and Contact Phone text boxes.

3.       Select the checkboxes for the upgrades you are requesting.

4.       Click the Submit Order button.

5.       CoreLogic emails an Upgrade Order Form.

6.       Complete the order form including payment information and fax it to the CoreLogic billing department.

7.       The billing department processes the request and grants the features. When the features have been granted, CoreLogic sends an Upgrade Confirmation email.

8.       RETS Connector automatically retrieves the upgraded features on a regular schedule. If RETS Connector has not yet retrieved the upgraded features, you can retrieve them manually by selecting Check Upgrade from the Help menu.