Non-restricted User Agent Upgrade

Unless you have the Non-restricted User Agent feature, RETS Connector uses a preset user agent, “RETS-Connector/1.2”. End users can modify the user agent, but if they do, the user agent name must begin with “RETS-Connector1.2”. If the user agent entered does not begin with that text, RETS Connector automatically attaches the “RETS-Connector1.2_” prefix to the user agent name. This is in accordance with the definition of the user agent header in RFC 2616. It allows each installation of RETS Connector to have a unique user agent and password, while still identifying itself as a RETS Connector application.

If you want to use a custom user agent name—either to support the one provided by the specific RETS server to which you are connecting or to support multiple servers—you must upgrade to the Non-restricted User Agent feature, which enables RETS Connector to accept any user agent value.