Log Files and Metadata Storage

RETS Connector Logs

When you run a task, RETS Connector logs the result in a log file. The location of the log file is displayed in the Log File column of the main window. Information recorded in log files includes:

§  Task name

§  Server URL

§  User name

§  Whether a full or incremental pull was attempted

§  The time at which the task ran (local and server time)

§  The number of records or media files returned

§  The location of the data or media files

§  The status of the task (success or failure)

u    To view a task’s log file:

1.       From the main window, click a task name to select it.

2.       Select Log file contents from the View menu. The task’s log file opens in a new window.

Log File for a Task Run

Description: C:\Users\rcasebere\Desktop\RETS Connector Printed Documentation\!doc_tmp_folder_0\LogFile.jpg

Description: C:\Users\rcasebere\Desktop\RETS Connector Printed Documentation\!doc_tmp_folder_0\Information.jpg 

The log provides hyperlinked references to other files, such as data download files. Click the link to open the file.