Notification Settings

You can configure RETS Connector to send e-mail notifications or to launch an external application when a task finishes. You can set up notifications during step 8 of the Create New Task process, or from the Notification tab when modifying an existing task.

Notification Tab


Notification Events

The following events can trigger a notification:

§  Success. The task succeeded.

§  Failure. The task failed.

§  Metadata Change. Metadata on the server changed since the task was cre­ated or last modified. The task succeeded, although it may have been changed to adapt to the new metadata.

§  Md Change Failure. Metadata on the server changed since the task was created or last modified. The task failed.

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When you receive notification that metadata has changed (even if the task ran successfully), you should open the task and review any metadata-depen­dent settings that were affected by the change. This ensures that the task performs as efficiently as possible. See Errors Due to Metadata Changes.