Running a Task

When you run a task, RETS Connector executes all searches associated with the task and downloads the results. When the task is complete, log information opens in a new window; RETS Connector displays this information whenever you run a task, regardless of your logging settings.

Because some servers do not handle multiple concurrent logins, RetsConnector will not run two tasks against the same server at the same time. If you try, the second task will be paused, and will start only after the first one finishes. The same applies for requesting metadata from a server. Similarly, a task or metadata download will be paused if the scheduler is currently running a task against the server.

u    To run a task:

1.       From the main window, click a task name to select it.

2.       Click the Run Now button at the bottom of the window, or select Run from the Task menu. RETS Connector displays the task’s progress in the status bar.